Meet Our Mortgage Team

  • Our mortgage team is made up of the three of us. Working as an entire team will ensure you and your clients receive top notch service!

  • Loan Specialist,  Jason Hardy (NMLS 366397). He has over 20+ years experience in the mortgage industry.  He devotes ALL of his time assisting you and your clients with top quality service from the beginning to the end of the mortgage transaction!  
  • Marketing Administrator/Loan Assistant,  Gayle O'Connell (NMLS 210263). She  spends the majority of her time offering marketing services to our realtor community to help grow your their business(s) as any referrals that choose our Mortgage Team for their financing - helps grow our business !  She also assists with meeting with any clients that prefer one-on-one in-person appointments and assists our Loan Processor with picking up documents from our clients for those that choose not to scan or email. 
  • Loan Processor - Dustin Pizzi:  He handles all the necessary documents needed from our clients to ensure they are submitted timely and works closely assisting clients with their home loan process. 


About PRMI (Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.)

We have over 250 branches throughout the United States and over 2,000 employees and we are still growing!  PRMI is a debt-free company; therefore, we can be more lenient on our qualifying guidelines!  Our team covers the entire State of Maine and will accommodate your client(s) needs for any in-person appointments.   Closings are also done in your area with the title company of your choice or your clients. 

We offer hundreds of loan options, and we’ll find the one that works for your clients' specific needs.

OVER 20 YEARS IN HOME FINANCING Our company has a strong history of empowering borrowers and helping people reach their homeownership goals!


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PRMI Is Here To Free Up Your Marketing Time So You Can Sell More Houses! 

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